Hancock County (Georgia) Cemeteries

Cemetery listings

Welcome to the Friends of Hancock County, Georgia, Cemeteries website. The Friends was formed in the summer of 2001 with the sole purpose of cataloging cemeteries in Hancock County. This website provides cemetery listings and search capabilities for people buried in the cemeteries. Scroll down and click on the cemetery's Short Name below to go to that cemetery's listing or search for a person by clicking on Search for graves. This website is now complete.

254 cemeteries and approximately 14,000 grave entries are included in this list.

Note that many graves have been added since the 2001-2003 survey, mostly based on obituaries.

We also continue to run the www.friendsofcems.org web site that has search capabilities for our neighboring Baldwin, Jones, Washington, and Wilkinson County cemeteries.


Short Name
Full Name
Charles Abercrombie gravesite
Minnie Abram gravesite
Amoss / Amos Family Cemetery
Antioch Cemetery
Apostolic Faith Church Cemetery
Archer Grove Church Cemetery
William Archer Cemetery
Arnold Family Cemetery


Short Name
Full Name
Bailey Family Cemetery
Balerma Baptist Church Cemetery
Barnes Family Cemetery
Barnes-Fox Cemetery (see Stanton Family Cemetery #2)
Barnes-Rives-Warren Family Cemetery
Barnhart-Owens Family Cemetery
Bass Family Cemetery
Bass-Coleman Family Cemetery
Battle-Cato Family Cemetery
Baugh Family Cemetery
Beall - Dougherty Family Cemetery -- see Culverton Cem. #2
Bethea Family Cemetery
Bethel Church Cemetery
Original Bethel Church Cemetery (destroyed)
Beulah Cemetery, also called Old Hickory Cemetery
Second Beulah Baptist Church Cemetery
New Beulah Baptist Church Cemetery
Old Beulah Church Cemetery / Roberts Cemetery
Binion Family Cemetery
Blankenship infant grave
Bost Family Cemetery
John Boyer Family Cemetery
Boyer - Prince Family Cemetery (see Prince - Boyer Cemetery)
John Bradley Gravesite
Amos Brantley Family Cemetery
Britt Cemetery - see Ellis / Britt Cemetery
Brooking Family Cemetery
Brown's Chapel AME Church
Brundage Family Cemetery
Burnley Family Cemetery
James Butts Family Cemetery
Jesse Butts Family Cemetery
Butts - Simmons Families Cemetery
Butts - Wright Family Cemetery


Short Name
Full Name
Carr Family Cemetery
Carr Family Cemetery (see Ezell-Carr Family Cem)
Carr (Sophia Wilson) Family Cemetery (see Wilson Cemetery)
Centennial Church Cemetery
Cheely Family Cemetery
Choice Family Cemetery
Clark - Webb - Simmons Family Cemetery
Clayton - Bonner Family Cemetery
Coleman-Middlebrooks Family Cemetery
Cooper Family Cemetery
Copelin/Copelan Family Cemetery
Covey Rise Farm Cemetery
Possible Culver Family Cemetery (destroyed)
Culverton Baptist Church Cemetery
Culverton Cemetery #2


Short Name
Full Name
Ebeneza Danforth gravesite
James Daniel / Daniell Gravesite
Darien Church Cemetery
2nd Darien Church Cemetery
Davis Family Cemetery
Devereux Family Cemetery
Dickinson Family Cemetery (possible cemetery)
Dickson Cemetery #1 (also known as Shi Cemetery)
Dickson Cemetery #2
Dixon Family Cemetery - see Trawick Family Cemetery
Dixon - Ingram Family Cemetery
Dixon's Memorial Gardens
Dunn Family Cemetery


Short Name
Full Name
Ebenezer (now called Holsey Memorial Cemetery #1)
Ebenezer Cemetery on Carr's Station Rd.
Ellis / Britt Cemetery
Ezell - Carr Family Cemetery


Short Name
Full Name
Fairmount Baptist Church Cemetery
Frasier Cemetery
Unnamed Cemetery #23 or Frasier (possibly) Family Cemetery


Short Name
Full Name
Galilee Church Cemetery -- see St. Galilee Church Cemetery
Garland Family Cemetery
N. F. Garland gravesite
Garner Family Cemetery
Garner Family Cemetery #2 (tentative identification)
Garner (see McCrary - Garner Family Cemetery)
Gause Family Cemetery (see Miller-Gause)
Giant Cemetery off Stembridge Rd
Gilmore Family Cemetery
Kate Gilmore gravesite (lost) at William J. Archer's place
Glenn's Mary Baptist Church Cemetery
Gonder Family Cemetery
Gonder - Poole Family Cemetery
Green-Hudson Family Cemetery
Green-Sanford Family Cemetery
Green Spring Cemetery
Guill Family Cemetery


Short Name
Full Name
Hall Chapel AME Church Cemetery
Harper Family Cemetery #1
Harper Family Cemetery #2
(Burt Harper Cemetery)
Harris Cemetery on Jeter Place
Harris Cemetery
Henry / Burnley Families Cemetery
Hester Family Cemetery (tentative location)
Hickory Grove Church Cemetery
Hills Family Cemetery (See Barnes-Rives-Warren Cemetery)
Hilsman-Lary Family Cemetery
Hitchcock Family Cemetery
Holsey Memorial Cemetery #1,
formerly called Ebenezer
Holsey Memorial Cemetery #2
Holsey Memorial Cemetery #3
Hopewell Church Cemetery
Horeb Baptist Church Cemetery
Hubert Family Cemetery
Hunt's Chapel Cemetery
Old Hunt's Chapel Road Cemetery
Hutchings Family Cemetery


Short Name
Full Name
Ingraham Family Cemetery
Ingram - Dixon Family Cemetery (see Dixon - Ingram cemetery)
Ingram Family Burial Ground
Island Creek Baptist Church Cemetery


Short Name
Full Name
Jackson Family Graveyard
Jernigan Cemetery
Jewell Cemetery
Johnston Family Cemetery
Bob Jones Family Cemetery
Jones Chapel Cemetery


Short Name
Full Name
Kendall - Brewer Family Cemetery
Kennedy Family Graveyard
Seth Kennedy family cemetery
Kilgore Family Cemetery
Knowles Chapel Cemetery


Short Name
Full Name
Latimer-Heath Family Cemetery
Linton Cemetery
Little - Hudson Family Cemetery
Lunsford-Wall-Sisson Family Graveyard


Short Name
Full Name
Macedonia Church Cemetery #1
Macedonia Church Cemetery #2
Macedonia Cemetery Annex (private)
Macedonia Cemetery on Sun Avenue
Ervin Gabriel Martin Family Cemetery
Mason Family Cemetery on Old Long plantation (not found)
Mayweather Family Cemetery
McCown (John) grave
McCrary - Garner Family Cemetery
Snowie McDaniel gravesite (destroyed)
McDonald Family Cemetery
Medlock Family Cemetery
Middlebrooks - Coleman Family Cemeteries
Miller-Gause Family Cemetery
Mitchell Chapel AME Church Cemetery
M. J. B. gravesite
Mosley Family Cemetery
Mosley-Warren Families Cemetery at Berry Place
Mt. Gilead Cemetery
Mt. Hope Church Cemetery
Mt. Moriah Church Cemetery
Mt. Nebo Church Cemetery
Mt. Stephens Baptist Church Cemetery
Mt. Zion / Simmons -see Simmons / Mt.Zion
Mt. Zion Baptist (or Neel) Cemetery
Mt. Zion Methodist Church Cemetery
Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery
Mt. Zion Presbyterian
Muse Family Cemetery - see Strickland--Muse--Hutchings Cem


Short Name
Full Name
Nazareth Church Cemetery
Neel Family Cemetery (see Mt. Zion Baptist)
New Beulah Baptist Church Cemetery
New Hope Powelton Baptist Church
Nicholls / Glen Mary Plantation Cemetery
Northside Church of Christ


Short Name
Full Name
Obituaries or wills for people with graves not yet located
Old Hickory Cemetery (see Beulah Cemetery)
O'Rear Family Cemetery
Osborne Family Cemetery


Short Name
Full Name
Pearson Chapel AME Church Cemetery
Jeremiah Pearson children's cemetery
Ponce Cemetery (not found)
Powell Grove Baptist Church
Powelton Baptist Church /
Veazey Family Cemetery
Powelton Community Cemetery
Powelton Cemetery (not found)
Powelton Methodist Church Cemetery
Power of God Ministries Church
Prince - Boyer Family Cemetery
Prosser Fields / Stephens


Short Name
Full Name
Quinn-Arnold Family Cemetery


Short Name
Full Name
Rabun Family Cemetery (destroyed)
Ray Cemetery
Repairers of Breach
Apostolic Faith Church cemetery
Reynolds Chapel Cemetery
Lillie Rhodes or Roe Cemetery
Rives Family Cemetery
D. L. Rives Family Graveyard
George Rives Family Cemetery
Roberson Family Cemetery
Roberson Family Cemetery #2
Roberts Cemetery /
old Beulah Church Cemetery
Robinson Family Cemetery
Rock Mills Methodist Church Cemetery
Roe / Rhodes Family Cemetery
Roe Family Cemetery (possibly) - see Unnamed Cemetery #6
Henry Rogers' gravesite
Ross Place Cemetery
Rudisill Family Cemetery (in Taliaferro County)
Mary T. Ruff grave


Short Name
Full Name
Sandy Run AME Church Cemetery
Sanford Family Cemetery
Sanford-Green Family Cemetery
(see Green-Sanford)
Seals (possibly) Family Cemetery
Shi Cemetery (see Dickson #1)
Shivers Family Cemetery
Shivers Mission
(also called Shivers Grove Church)
Oscar Shivers' gravesite
Simmons / Mt Zion Methodist Church Cemetery
Simmons Family Cemetery
Possibly a Skrine Family Cemetery (Unnamed Cemetery 17)
Smith Family Cemetery
Smyrna Methodist Church Cemetery
Sparta Catholic Cemetery
Sparta Cemetery (will open in its own window)
Springfield Cemetery #1
Springfield Cemetery #2
Old Springfield Church Cemetery
Stanton Family Cemetery
Stanton Family Cemetery #2
Stanton Grove Baptist Church Cemetery
Stembridge Family Cemetery
Stephens -- see Prosser Fields / Stephens
Linton Stephens original gravesite
St. Galilee Baptist Church Cemetery
St. Lewis CME Church Cemetery
St. Luke Baptist Church Cemetery
St. Mark AME Church Cemetery
St. Paul CME Church Cemetery
Strickland--Muse--Hutchings Family Cemetery
Swint Family Cemetery


Short Name
Full Name
Tabernacle Church Cemetery
Thankful Baptist Church Cemetery
John Thomas Family Cemetery
James Thomas Family Cemetery
Napoleon B. Thomas Cemetery
Thompson Family Cemetery
Thornton Family Cemetery
Toulson Family Cemetery
Travis Family Cemetery
Trawick Family Cemetery #1
Trawick Family Cemetery #2
Trawick's Cemetery
Trinity CME Church Cemetery
Trinity CME (old) Church Cemetery
Tully Choice Family Cemetery (see Choice Cemetery)


Short Name
Full Name
Underwood - Harrison Family Cemetery
Union Baptist Church Cemetery
Unnamed Cemetery #1 on Dixon Rd.
Unnamed Cemetery #2 on Trawick Rd (destroyed)
Unnamed Cemetery #3
(possible cemetery -- not confirmed)
Unnamed Cemetery #4 on Milton Reid Rd.
Unnamed Cemetery #5 on old Lockhart Place
Unnamed Cemetery #6 (possibly Roe family)
Unnamed Cemetery #7 with Matilda Williams' grave
Unnamed Cemetery #8 off Milton Reid Rd.
Unnamed Cemetery #9 on Hamburg State Park Rd
Unnamed Cemetery #10 on Jones Chapel Road
Unnamed Cemetery #11 on northern Centennial Road
Unnamed Cemetery #12 on northern Centennial Road
Unnamed Cemetery #13 on Well Road
Unnamed Cemetery #14 on Glen Ford / Hall Chapel Rd
Unnamed Cemetery #15 on Watts Road
Unnamed Cemetery #16 at White Cedar Dr. near Lake Sinclair
Unnamed Cemetery #17 off Beaver Dam Road
Unnamed Cemetery #18 on Begonia Dr.
Unnamed Cemetery #19 off Stembridge Rd / Dickens Pond Rd.
Unnamed Cemetery #20 on Hickory Pass Rd.
Unnamed Cemetery #21 on County Line Road
Unnamed Cemetery #22 off Gumm Cemetery Rd.
Unnamed Cemetery #23 near Washington County Line
Unnamed Cemetery #24 in Devereux


Short Name
Full Name
Veazey Family Cemetery (see Powelton Baptist Church)
Veazey Family Cemetery


Short Name
Full Name
Walls Cemetery
Wall-Sisson Family Graveyard
(see Lunsford-Wall-Sisson)
Warren / Warrne Family Cemetery
Warren Chapel Cemetery
Watkins Family Cemetery
Watts Family Cemetery
West Family Cemetery
White Family Cemetery
Matilda Williams' grave / Unnamed cemetery #7
Wilson Cemetery


Short Name
Full Name


Short Name
Full Name


Short Name
Full Name
Zebulon Methodist Church Cemetery