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Brooking Family Cemetery

Brooking Family Cemetery photo
From the Hancock County Courthouse, go east on Hwy 16 for 2.7 miles. Turn right on Rock Quarry Rd (Rd. 51). Go 2.3 miles to an old field or logging road on your left. The cemetery is about 100 feet from Rock Quarry Road and on the right side of the old field road.

GPS coordinates: 33 16' 55.2" N 82 54' 01.0" W
or in degrees only form: 33.282° N X 82.90028° W
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GMD: 113
Cemetery Status: Inactive
Predominant race: White

This cemetery was once a fine old cemetery surrounded by a granite wall. However, vandals have knocked over and broken the stones and have knocked out some of the blocks of the granite wall.

This cemetery is probably a haven for snakes. Visit it only in winter, when the danger of snakes is at a minimum.
Indexer or Contributor: Rick Joslyn, Bill Jackson and Susan Harrington

Number of persons found: 9
Edward B. Brooking
1777 - 1825
Headstone in fragments.
Grave 1
Joseph Brooking
Jun 25, 1812 - Oct 8, 1825
On same headstone with Mary E. Brooking. See epitaph under her grave entry.
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Grave 2
Mary E. Brooking
Apr 4, 1806 - Jul 9, 1826
On same headstone with Joseph Brooking. See picture under his grave entry.
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Grave 3
Emily A. H. Brooking
Mar 18, 1819 - Nov 4, 1823
On same headstone with Rebecca J. Brooking. See inscription under Rebecca's listing.
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Grave 4
Rebecca J. Brooking
Aug 10, 1810 - Sep 18, 1825
"Nor youth, nor health, nor virtue all combined, Can save from death, nor yet is God unkind." On same headstone as Emily A. H. Brooking.
Grave 5
Sosiah A. Brooking
Dec 1, 1824 - May 28, 1843
"Died in the 19th year of her age." "She was the youngest child of Edward B. and Rebecca A. Brooking"
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Grave 6
William Edward Taylor

- Aug 3, 1836
Died 3 Aug 1836, aged 17 mos. Eldest son of William and Maria L. Taylor.
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Grave 7
William Edward Rees
Sep 1, 1832 - Jun 8, 1833
Child of _______ and Ann B. Rees. On same headstone with Thaddeus Beall Rees. Headstone in fragments.
Grave 8
Thaddeus Beall Rees
1836 - 1838
Only "eus Beall" appears now as name (stone broken). Child of ___ and Ann B. Rees. On same headstone with William Edward Rees. Headstone in fragments.
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Grave 9