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Kennedy Family Graveyard

Kennedy Family Graveyard photo
From the Hancock County Courthouse take Hwy 22 West for 10.4 miles. The cemetery is on the right at the point where Beulah Road intersects Hwy 22 from the left.

GPS coordinates: 33 10' 22" N 83 04' 35" W
or in degrees only form: 33.17278° N X 83.07639° W
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GMD: 116
Cemetery Status: Inactive
Predominant race: White

The cemetery is fenced.
Indexer or Contributor: Katherine Bray

Number of persons found: 3
J. A. R. Kennedy
Sep 6, 1806 - Oct 23, 1885
Masonic emblem. "Father though thou hath from us flown to the regions far above, we to thee erect this stone consecrated by our love."
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Grave 1
Elmira Antionette Kennedy
Jan 10, 1824 - Jun 11, 1898
"He looked for a city which hath foundations whose buildings and maker is God." Heb II "She hath done what she could." Mark IV
Grave 2
Kittie Emma Kennedy
Feb 25, 1856 - Nov 18, 1935
"At rest." d/o J.A.R. and Antionette Kennedy.
Grave 3