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Mt. Gilead Cemetery

Mt. Gilead Cemetery photo
From the Hancock County Courthouse, go northwest on Hwy 15/16 for 0.6 mile. Stay left on Hwy 16 West at the Hwy 15/16 split. Go 8.8 miles to Green Spring Road (dirt) on right. Turn right on Green Spring Road and go about 2.8 miles (this cemetery is about 250 feet north of Baugh Cemetery). This cemetery is on your left on top of a knoll, covered with periwinkle and surrounded by granite outcrops and pavements.

GPS coordinates: 33 22' 34.9" N 83 07' 20.6" W
or in degrees only form: 33.37636° N X 83.12239° W
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GMD: 103
Cemetery Status: Inactive
Predominant race: White

Note: Frequently Green Spring Road is impassable. The cemetery may also be reached from the north.

Mt. Gilead Methodist Church was established in the 1840s and survived the Civil War (see Shivers).

Kimbrough suggested that the site of the original Mt. Gilead Church is now at the site of Green Spring Cemetery.

Indexer or Contributor: Rick Joslyn

Number of persons found: 7
Jefferson R. Lawrence
1834 - Nov 30, 1905
Aged 70 years. "No ostentation mark'd his tranquil way, His duties all discharged without display"
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Grave 1
Seaborn J. Lawrence
Dec 18, 1791 - Aug 28, 1869
"Our Father". On same gravestone as Nancy C. Lawrence. "He closed a life of Christian usefulness with the triumphant expression: 'I am not afraid to die'"
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Grave 2
Nancy C. Lawrence
Nov 10, 1792 - Sep 4, 1855
"Our Mother". On same gravestone as Seaborn J. Lawrence. "Her children arise up and call her blessed"
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Grave 3
William J. Neary

Military Service: Confederate States of America
Capt., Quartermaster, 44th Ga. Inf.
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Grave 4
Unmarked Adult Grave - Tranquilla Catherine Parrott Neary

w/o W. J. Neary. All info per Mary Cannon, who is great granddaughter.
Grave 5
Unmarked Grave - Luther Neary

s/o W. J. Neary and Tranquilla Catherine Parrott Neary. All info per Mary Cannon.
Grave 6
Unmarked Graves

At least 6 more graves marked with field stones. Possibly many more.
Grave 7