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Shivers Family Cemetery

Shivers Family Cemetery photo
Shivers Family Cemetery photo
From the Hancock County Courthouse, go 12.2 miles on Hwy 16 East toward Jewell, Ga. Turn left on the Jewell-Mayfield Road. Go approximately 1.2 miles to the Rock Mill Plantation on the right side of the road. Gain permission to see the cemetery, which is behind the Rock Mill Plantation house.

GPS coordinates: 33 18' 41.8" N 82 47' 50.6" W
or in degrees only form: 33.31161° N X 82.79739° W
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GMD: 112
Cemetery Status: Active
Predominant race: White

Private cemetery.

The Rock Mill plantation was the first house in Hancock County to be placed on the National Register of Historic Places. For more information about the Rock Mill Plantation, see Houses of Hancock by John Rozier and visit http://www.rockmillplantation.com

Indexer or Contributor: Bill Jackson

Number of persons found: 8
Noel Pitt Shivers
Jul 21, 1812 - Aug 28, 1835
"Thou art gone but have left many friends, Brother.
Grave 1
Palmira I. W. Shivers
Jan 14, 1850 - Dec 3, 1852
"Jesus lover of the young. Sister"
Grave 2
Frances B. Shivers
Aug 9, 1793 - Aug 19, 1840
"Righteous die every where, Mother"
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Grave 3
R. A. Latimer
Sep 21, 1848 - Jan 19, 1854
"Gone home."
Grave 4
William Oscar Shivers
May 9, 1832 - Nov 13, 1852
"Thou art gone but thy memory is bright, Brother."
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Grave 5
William Shivers, Sen
Feb 5, 1783 - Oct 2, 1852
"Rest, Father, for thy labors are ended." Built Rock Mill plantation in 1818, per "Houses of Hancock" by John Rozier.
Grave 6
Unmarked Grave

Possible unmarked grave - field stone.
Grave 7
Dr. Olin Shivers
Apr 8, 1924 - Feb 26, 1995
Buried outside fence. Not marked as of May, 2002, but in the process of being marked.
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Grave 8