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Stembridge Family Cemetery

Stembridge Family Cemetery photo
From the Hancock County Courthouse, go northwest on Hwy 16 for 6.8 miles to Hunt's Chapel Rd on the left. Turn left on Hunt's Chapel and go 0.7 mile to a stop sign. Turn right onto Dickens Pond Rd, and go 0.9 mile to about 200 yards before reaching Stembridge Rd on the right. The cemetery is on the right in the woods next to Dickens Pond Rd.

GPS coordinates: 33 19' 31.2" N 83 05' 12.5" W
or in degrees only form: 33.32533° N X 83.08681° W
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GMD: 101
Cemetery Status: Inactive
Predominant race: Black

The cemetery is immediately off the road right-of-way where there are a few fieldstones and depressions. It extends approximately 50 feet back from there, but the depressions and fieldstones are nearly impossible to see.
Indexer or Contributor: Winston Stembridge, Bill Jackson, Mona Williams, and Susan Harrington

Number of persons found: 2
Unmarked Adult Grave - Jim Stembridge

Is buried somewhere in this cemetery, per Winston Stembridge, his grandson.
Grave 1
Unmarked Graves

A few depressions and fieldstones, but there is very little sign of graves. Possibly as many as 30 children and adults are buried in the cemetery, per Winston Stembridge.
Grave 2