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Mt. Zion Presbyterian

Mt. Zion Presbyterian photo
Mt. Zion Presbyterian photo
Go north from the Hancock County Courthouse on Hwy 15 for 6.6 miles. The cemetery is on the left behind the church.

GPS coordinates: 33 21' 28.5" N 83 00' 12.1" W
or in degrees only form: 33.35792° N X 83.00336° W
See location on a Google map in a new window (NOTE:The map opens in a new window. The cemetery will be at the location indicated by a red marker.)

GMD: 102
Cemetery Status: Inactive
Predominant race: White

This church was originally Presbyterian but eventually became Methodist.

Plaque on church reads:
The Mount Zion Presbyterian Church was organized in 1813. $700 was raised in 1814 to complete the building. Services were held here until 1903 when the membership had dwindled from 130 to less than 10. That year the Church property was sold to the trustees of the Mt. Zion Methodist Church for $200.

The Methodists worshipped here until 1958. From 1958 until 1969, the church was silent and empty, except for an occasional wedding or funeral. In 1969, the North Georgia Methodist Conference gave the property to the Hancock County Foundation for Historic Preservation. The combined efforts of the community and the Foundation have been made to restore this Historic old church and preserve the records.

Indexer or Contributor: Dee & Kathy Fuller, Betty Dawson, Susan Harrington

Number of persons found: 65
Louie D. Hight
Mar 31, 1892 - Sep 25, 1905
s/o C. O. & C. B. Hight. "We can safely leave our boy, Our darling, in Thy trust."
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Grave 1
J. T. Hight, Sr.
Jun 22, 1845 - Jul 10, 1924
"His words were kindness, His deeds were love, His spirit humble, He rests above."
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Grave 2
Lucy Anderson Hight
1862 - 1937

Grave 3
P. A. Cofer, Sr.
Mar 31, 1869 - Nov 9, 1921

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Grave 4
Katy E. Cofer
Aug 22, 1904 - Sep 30, 1921

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Grave 5
Infant son of W. C. & M. C. Kenimer
Sep 8, 1922 - Sep 8, 1922
"Gone so soon." Only one date on gravestone.
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Grave 6
Unmarked Grave

Possible grave.
Grave 7
Unmarked Grave

Possible grave.
Grave 8
Frank Kenimer
Mar 21, 1918 - Feb 23, 1920
"Darling, we miss thee."
Grave 9
Unmarked Grave

Grave 10
Unmarked Adult Grave

Grave 11
Unmarked Adult Graves

Possibly 3 graves.
Grave 12
Unmarked Adult Grave

Grave 13
Unmarked Adult Grave

Grave 14
Edwin Wiley

- Dec 29, 1866
Aged 86 years. "We which have believed do enter into rest." Heb IV.8.
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Grave 15
Eliza Wiley
May 9, 1797 - Apr 7, 1865
w/o Edwin Wiley. b. Milford, Conn. "Died in faith" Heb. XI.13.
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Grave 16

Only "Baby" on this small gravestone.
Grave 17

Only "Baby" on this small gravestone.
Grave 18
Lillie Maddox Lovejoy
Dec 4, 1893 - Sep 3, 1912
w/o Iverson Lovejoy. "She was too good, too gentle and fair, to dwell in this cold world of care."
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Grave 19
Unmarked Adult Grave

Grave 20
George Decatur Hight
Jun 28, 1851 - Nov 11, 1917

Grave 21
Lizzie Harris Hight
Nov 3, 1898 - Jun 5, 1900
d/o J. M. & C. J. Hight.
Grave 22
Unmarked Adult Grave

Grave 23
Unmarked Adult Graves

Space for at least 3 more graves to the northwest corner of the cemetery.
Grave 24
Harold Earnest Hyatt
Sep 29, 1896 - Oct 12, 1897
s/o J. P. and M. E. Hyatt.
Grave 25
Mamie E. Hyatt
Oct 29, 1873 - Jan 26, 1902
w/o J. P. Hyatt. "A light from our household is gone. A voice we loved is stilled. A place is vacant in our hearts, That never can be filled."
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Grave 26
Unmarked Graves

Numerous graves possible north of Wiley lot. Numerous graves possible east of Hight lot and north to the boundary.
Grave 27
William Cranch
Sep 27, 1794 - Jul 5, 1820
A native of Kingsbridge Devon. G.B. "Sweet is the memory of the just."
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Grave 28
Eunice Smith

- Aug 12, 1825
d. in 33rd year. w/o James(?) Smith. Eunice difficult to read and questionable. Marker is broken.
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Grave 29
Henry D. Beman

Aged one year and nine months. On same stone as Sarah M. Beman.
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Grave 30
Sarah M. Beman

Aged one year. "Suffer the little children to come unto me." Christ. On same stone as Henry D. Beman.
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Grave 31
Kate D. Beman
Jun 24, 1834 - Dec 28, 1859
"Miss." "Her sun is gone down while It is yet day."
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Grave 32
Mrs. Avis DeWitt Beman
Feb 12, 1800 - Nov 28, 1863
w/o Carlisle P. Beman. "Blessed are the pure in heart."
Grave 33
Rev. Carlisle Pollock Beman
May 5, 1797 - Dec 12, 1875
"They that be wise shall as the brightness of the firmament, and they that turn many to Righteousness, as the stars forever, And ever."
Grave 34
Edward D. Beman, MD
Dec 19, 1836 - Dec 30, 1859
"I am dying, to live forever In the Kingdom of the son of God." His last words.
Grave 35
Unmarked Adult Grave

Grave 36
Mrs. Julia Wales

- Mar 12, 1846
Aged 70 years. "Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints."
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Grave 37
Mrs. Julian A. Buckingham

- Jul 10, 1818
"who removed from Milford in the State of CT in Nov 1816 and resided with her children in this place until 10 of July 1818 when she departed this life ae 77."
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Grave 38
Samuel Strong Bryan
Mar 8, 1819 - Sep 23, 1819
the youngest child of Joseph and Ann Bryan. Age 6 months and 15 days. "Suffer the little children to come unto me"
Grave 39
Mrs. Ann Bryan
Sep 1, 1777 - May 9, 1837
w/o Joseph Bryan.
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Grave 40
Joseph Bryan
Nov 30, 1768 - Dec 31, 1861

Grave 41
Mrs. Maria M. Connell

- Jan 15, 1844

Grave 42
Unmarked Graves

Possibly other unmarked graves in this lot, which contains persons 37-42.
Grave 43
Electa Strong Storrs
Jun 5, 1794 - Sep 19, 1817
d/o Cole Seth and Mrs. Electa Storrs. b. Middlebury, VT. Left her native village for this place Sep 30, 1816. Died 1817 when governess of the Mt. Zion Female Academy.
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Grave 44
Mrs. Lorane Smith Beman
Jul 8, 1787 - Feb 3, 1819
Aged 31 years. w/o Rev. N. S. S. Beman. m. Jun 20, 1811. Removed to Mt. Zion 1813. b. West Haven, VT. d/o Dan & Betsey Smith. Monument erected by female friends.
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Grave 45
Lorane Strong Beman

- Feb 12, 1819
Age 15 months, 26 days. "Beside this mother [Mrs. Lorane Smith Beman] lies interred a daughter [Lorane Strong Beman]." On same monument as Mrs. Lorane Smith Beman.
Grave 46
Mrs. Deborah Rosseter

- Apr 28, 1845
Aged 80 years. "She was a Christian."
Grave 47
Timothy Wells Rosseter

- Aug 27, 1845
Age 95 years. Kimbrough list describes as "Dr." Not seen in 2001, but grave difficult to read.
Military Service: American Revolution
Surgeon's mate and surgeon in Revolution
per DAR list of Georgia Revolutionary
War Soldiers' Graves.
Grave 48
Catharine Wilcox

- Jan 29, 1824
Age 25. w/o Cyprian Wilcox. "She was a Christian" "In that solemn hour when the last enemy appears, what conquering power like this I know my sins forgiven."
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Grave 49
Rev. Oliver Hulburd

- Sep 11, 1814
Pastor of the church in Waynesboro, Ga, and formerly Prof. of Lan. in Middlebury College VT. Died Mt. Zion, age 31.
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Grave 50
William D. Wiley
ca. 1819 - Nov 1, 1823
s/o Edwin & Eliza Wiley. On same stone as E. Leroy Wiley.
Grave 51
E. Leroy Wiley

- Oct 14, 1838
Age 6 years. s/o Edwin and Eliza Wiley. On same stone as William D. Wiley.
Grave 52
Mary Wiley

- Apr 20, 1834
Age 62 years.
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Grave 53
Moses Wiley

- Jan 10, 1847
Age 73 years.
Grave 54
William Wiley

- Jan 12, 1827
Age 85 years. Grave not marked as a Revolutionary War vet, but DAR records indicate he was.
Military Service: American Revolution
N.C. Militia from Salisburg District.
All Rev War info per DAR records: see
also Rosters of Soldiers from NC and GA.
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Grave 55
Unmarked Adult Slab

"My Mother"
Grave 56
James Patrick Hight
Feb 20, 1887 - Mar 30, 1953

Grave 57
Willard Beman Hight
Jan 3, 1924 - Jan 8, 1924
In same lot as James Patrick Hight.
Grave 58
Daniel W. Davis
1852 - 1940
On same gravestone as Annie Jones Davis.
Grave 59
Annie Jones Davis
b. 1867
No death date. On same stone as Daniel W. Davis.
Grave 60
John B. Lawson

- Mar 2, 1846
Age 28 years.
Grave 61
Josie Shivers
Jul 23, 1833 - Jul 27, 1853
"Tribute of a mother's love" across top of gravestone. "She was lovely in life, And peaceful in death."
Grave 62
Thomas J. Lamar

- 1830
Age 16 years. Grave not found in 2001. Info from Kimbrough list.
Grave 63
Thomas Jefferson Riley

- 1834
Grave not found in 2001. Info from Kimbrough list.
Grave 64
B. F. Hall

Grave not found in 2001. Info from Kimbrough list.
Grave 65