Hancock County (Georgia) Cemeteries

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Toulson Family Cemetery

From the Hancock County Courthouse, go east 2 blocks (0.2 mile) to Boland Street. Turn right on Boland Street (which eventually becomes Linton Rd) and go approximately 13.2 miles (or after traveling through Linton, go past the two-story house on the left) to the entrance to a dirt road on the left. Travel 1/4 mile on the dirt road to where you will pass a gate with a POSTED sign on the left (GPS location: 33 06' 45" N 82 58' 40" W). Travel straight north from this point through the pasture for 0.5 mile. The cemetery is in the fork of the field road under two large cedar trees.

GPS coordinates: 33 07' 04" N 82 58' 34" W
or in degrees only form: 33.11778° N X 82.97611° W
See location on a Google map in a new window (NOTE:The map opens in a new window. The cemetery will be at the location indicated by a red marker.)

GMD: 118
Cemetery Status: Inactive
Predominant race: White

This cemetery is on private property. Permission MUST be obtained before traveling to this cemetery.

This cemetery is believed to be very old (1800). It is partially destroyed and is in very poor condition. A wire fence partially encircles the cemetery.

Indexer or Contributor: Glen Cook and Jack Osborne

Number of persons found: 8
Unmarked Adult Slab

Grave 1
Unmarked Child Slab

Large cedar tree growing over slab.
Grave 2
Unmarked Adult Slab

Grave 3
Unmarked Adult Slab

Grave 4
Unmarked Graves

4 graves, each marked by a large rock.
Grave 5
Unmarked Adult Slab

Grave 9
Unmarked Graves

Scattered rocks and bricks suggest as many as 15 unmarked graves are in this area.
Grave 10
Frances Toulson

- 1923
She is believed to be buried somewhere in this cemetery. All info per Glen Cook.
Grave 11