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Green-Hudson Family Cemetery

Green-Hudson Family Cemetery photo
From the Hancock County Courthouse, go west on Hwy 16 for 9.3 miles to the cemetery, which is on the left side of the highway, about 50 feet from the highway. It is currently in a small grove of trees on property that is behind a chain-link fence.

GPS coordinates: 33 20' 41.6" N 83 06' 12.5" W
or in degrees only form: 33.34489° N X 83.10347° W
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GMD: 103
Cemetery Status: Inactive
Predominant race: White

Cemetery is in need of restoration.
Indexer or Contributor: Kathy Fuller and Susan Harrington

Number of persons found: 8
Joseph A. Green
Aug 13, 1828 - May 31, 1844
"He giveth his beloved sleep."
Grave 1
Unmarked Child Grave

Grave 2
William G. Green
Oct 10, 1801 - Sep 3, 1879
"The dead in Christ shall rise first."
Grave 3
Mrs. Lucinda F. Green
Dec 4, 1807 - Aug 8, 1858
"Lo! The prisoner is released, Lightened of her fleshly load, Where the weary are at rest, She is gatherd (sic) unto God."
Grave 4
Unmarked Grave

a fieldstone marks the grave.
Grave 5
John E. Hudson
1825 - 1896
Grave not found in 2002. All info per Kimbrough list.
Grave 6
Carrie Hudson
1837 - 1896
Grave not found in 2002. All info per Kimbrough list.
Grave 7
Unmarked Graves

Possibly 2-4 more graves.
Grave 8