Hancock County (Georgia) Cemeteries

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Unnamed Cemetery #2 on Trawick Rd (destroyed)

Location is estimated.

From the Hancock County Courthouse, go east 2 blocks on Broad St. Turn right on Boland St., which becomes Linton Rd, and travel 13.6 miles (bearing right after 8-1/2 miles at the Beulah / Linton Hwy split) to Underwood Rd. Turn left. Travel 2.5 miles to Trawick Rd. Turn right. Travel approximately 1.3 mile.

GPS coordinates: 33 05' 33.1" N 83 04' 34.9"
or in degrees only form: 33.09253° N X 83.07636° W
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GMD: 117
Cemetery Status: Inactive

Cemetery near Trawick Family Cemetery / Dixon Family 2 Cemetery. This cemetery was destroyed and no graves can be found.
Indexer or Contributor: Glen and Christy Cook

Number of persons found: 1
Unmarked Graves

Graves have been destroyed.
Grave 1