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Kilgore Family Cemetery

Kilgore Family Cemetery photo
From the Hancock County Courthouse, go east on Hwy 15 (Broad St) for two blocks (0.2 mile) and turn right on Boland St. which becomes Linton Hwy. Travel 13.9 miles (bear right after 8-1/2 miles onto Beulah Highway at the Linton - Beulah Highway split) to Town Creek Rd. Turn right and travel 1.5 miles to a logging road on the left. This point is 0.2 mile from the cemetery, which can be found roughly as follows: follow the logging road to a hunting camp, then turn right on an ATV trail once through the hunting camp. Follow the ATV trail for 100 feet and turn left into the woods. The cemetery is on a small hill with a large cedar tree inside the wire enclosure.

GPS coordinates: 33 07' 29.1" N 83 06' 10.0' W
or in degrees only form: 33.12475° N X 83.10278° W
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GMD: 117
Cemetery Status: Inactive
Predominant race: White

Enclosed with wire fence and metal gate. On private land.

Most of the graves have concrete slabs with handwritten names and dates, which are very difficult to read.

Indexer or Contributor: Glen and Christy Cook

Number of persons found: 13
Unmarked Infant Grave

A rock formation.
Grave 1
Infant Denton

Grave 2
John Kilgore
Jul 17, 1863 - Dec 6, 1924

Grave 3
Susan Crooms Kilgore

- Jul 2, 1909
w/o John Kilgore.
Grave 4
Acie [Asa] Simmerson

An adult slab. While the spelling on the slab is "Acie", the traditional spelling has been "Asa", per Judy Smith, descendant.
Grave 5
Mrs. Acie Simmerson

An adult slab. See note on Acie Simmerson concerning spelling of "Acie".
Grave 6
Jarella [Jurelia] Simmerson Brown
Sep 1810 - Apr 26, 1906
w/o Alfred Brown. An adult slab that is broken into several pieces. "Jarella" has generally been spelled "Jurelia", per Judy Smith, descendant.
Grave 7
Alfred Brown

An adult slab.
Grave 8
Infant Brown

Grave 9
Infant Miller

Grave 10
Charlie Kilgore
Mar 7, 1858 - Jan 21, 1911

Grave 11
D?e Gillard? Kilgore

- Nov 17, 1910
w/o Charlie Kilgore. First and middle name unreadable.
Grave 12
Wilbur Denton

An infant slab. [s/o Bernice and Ruby Osborne Denton] per Glen Cook.
Grave 13