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West Family Cemetery

West Family Cemetery photo
From the Hancock County Courthouse, take Hwy 22 southwest for 7.2 miles to Devereux. Turn right (at the backward fork) onto Main Street. Go 0.2 mile to the dead end and turn left onto Jones Chapel Rd. Go west on Jones Chapel Rd for 4.9 miles to Carr Station Road. Turn right onto Carr Station Rd and go 2.3 miles. The cemetery is on the left side of the road about 75 feet from the road. Part of the cemetery has an iron fence around it.

GPS coordinates: 33 11' 30.3" N 83 10' 07.2" W
or in degrees only form: 33.19175° N X 83.16867° W
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GMD: 104
Cemetery Status: Inactive
Predominant race: White

Cemetery recently (2002) cleaned by family. Cemetery has been roughly treated by others in the past.
Indexer or Contributor: Kathy Fuller and Susan Harrington

Number of persons found: 17
Helen West Gibson
Sep 21, 1872 - Oct 15, 1906
"H. W. G." on footstone. Headstone found in pieces and pieced together. Grave surrounded by granite coping.
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Grave 1
John R. West
Jul 24, 1846 - Apr 7, 1921
Dates per Kitty Thompkins, family member. No dates on marker.
Military Service: Confederate States of America
MUS (Music) Band 8th Ga. Inf.
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Grave 2
Hattie Skinner West
Oct 27, 1850 - Nov 4, 1898
w/o John R. West. "She was a kind and affectionate wife and a (unreadable) mother and a friend to all."
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Grave 3
Thomas J. West
Apr 3, 1821 - Jan 28, 1891
Grave 4
Infant Dau of O. C. & Fannie Ellis
b. Mar 1881
Stone broken.
Grave 5
Mamie Jones
1878 - 1895

Grave 6
Unmarked Adult Slab

Grave 7

Broken stone "Just when we learned to love her most, God called her back to heaven."
Grave 8
William G. West
Nov 24, 1858 - Jun 5, 1938

Grave 9
Mamie E. West
Oct 9, 1861 - Jul 19, 1878
Inside wrought iron fence.
Grave 10
Johnnie Lamar West
Feb 4, 1866 - Sep 27, 1887
Inside wrought iron fence.
Grave 11
Infant of T. F. and F. B. West
Nov 6, 1898 - Nov 6, 1898
Grave 12
Fannie Ellis
1856 - Jan 19, 1903
"Just when we learned to love her best, God called her back to heaven. He thought it best." w/o O. C. Ellis. Stone cracked at day.
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Grave 13
T. S. West
1848 - 1918
Not found in 2002. Info from Kimbrough list.
Grave 14
Charles M. West
Apr 27, 1877 - Feb 22, 1895
s/o J. R. and Hattie E. West.
Grave 15
Arthur West
Sep 17, 1886 - Sep 17, 1894
s/o J. R. and Hattie E. West.
Grave 16
Matilda A. West
Nov 20, 1825 - Jan 13, 1902

Grave 17