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Butts - Wright Family Cemetery

(Cemetery is no longer visible)

From the Hancock County Courthouse, go southwest on Hwy 22 for 7.2 miles to the intersection of Hwy 22 and Main Street in Devereux. Turn right on Main Street and go 0.2 mile to Church Street on the left. Turn left and follow Church Street for 0.3 mile until it merges into Devereux/Jones Chapel Rd. Go left on Devereux/Jones Chapel Road and follow it for 0.4 mile to 205 Jones Chapel Rd on the left. The cemetery was to the left rear of the current house but is completely destroyed.

GPS coordinates: 33 13' 14.4" N 83 05' 14.2" W
or in degrees only form: 33.22067° N X 83.08728° W
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GMD: 116
Cemetery Status: Inactive
Predominant race: White

An unknown number of graves were in this cemetery.

Indexer or Contributor: Jewel Thompson

Number of persons found: 2
Tabitha Butts Wright
Sep 4, 1841 - Sep 12, 1896
Cemetery destroyed. All info per family Bible.
Grave 1
Margaret "Maggie" E. Butts
Jun 30, 1844 - Jun 17, 1900
Cemetery destroyed. All info per family Bible.
Grave 2