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Jackson Family Graveyard

Jackson Family Graveyard photo
From the Hancock County Courthouse, take Hwy 22 southwest for 7.2 miles to Devereux. Turn right (at the backward fork) onto Main Street. Go 0.2 mile to the dead end and turn left onto Jones Chapel Rd. Go west on Jones Chapel Rd for 4.9 miles to Carr's Station Road. Turn right on Carr's Station Road and go for approximately 8.6 miles to Lake Sinclair Drive. Turn right onto Lake Sinclair Drive and go for approximately 4.7 miles to Big Water East. Turn left onto Big Water East and go for approximately 1.7 miles to a fork in the road. Take the road to the right (which is still Big Water East) for approximately 1.4 miles. The cemetery is on the right (northwest) side of the road, not too far off the road (75 feet) with an iron fence around it. You cannot see the cemetery from the road.

GPS coordinates: 33 12' 07.1" N 83 15' 08.8" W
or in degrees only form: 33.20197° N X 83.25244° W
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GMD: 104
Cemetery Status: Inactive
Predominant race: White

At the time of the survey, there was a slightly overgrown "driveway" or opening in the woods about the width of a car at the cemetery, with a tree across this opening. On the opposite side of the road from the cemetery the land had been clear cut.
Indexer or Contributor: Hugh and Susan Harrington

Number of persons found: 4
William S. Jackson
Oct 29, 1815 - Mar 30, 1890
"Father" "His memory is blessed." b. Virginia, d. Baldwin County, Ga., per Jann J. Rice, descendant.
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Grave 1
Martha Doles Butts Jackson
Dec 25, 1813 - Jun 12, 1877
"Doles" and "Butts" per Jann J. Rice. b. Baldwin County, Ga, d. Baldwin County, Ga per Jann J. Rice, descendant.
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Grave 2
Rachel Elizabeth Jackson
Jul 11, 1838 - Feb 11, 1930
d/o W. S. and Martha Jackson. "She is not dead." Actual gravestone reads "Lizzie R. Jackson" b. 1888, but date is in error, per J. Rice.
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Grave 3
James Edgar Jackson
May 22, 1843 - Oct 27, 1906
b. Hancock Co., Ga, d. Hancock Co. Ga. s/o W. S. and Martha Jackson. Birth and death locations per Jann J. Rice.
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Grave 4