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Garland Family Cemetery

Garland Family Cemetery photo
From the Hancock County Courthouse, travel east 2 blocks on Broad Street. Turn right on Boland Street which becomes Linton Rd, and travel 9.2 miles on Linton Rd. Turn left on Ridge Rd and travel 1.7 miles to a field road on the left. Turn left onto the field road. The cemetery is 0.1 mile down the field road off Ridge Road.

GPS coordinates: 33 08' 39.2" N 82 59' 09.3" W
or in degrees only form: 33.14422° N X 82.98592° W
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GMD: 118
Cemetery Status: Active
Predominant race: White

Ask for permission at the house on the right on Ridge Road to visit the cemetery.
Indexer or Contributor: Glen and Christy Cook

Number of persons found: 15
Unmarked Adult Grave - George Logue

Identity per the records of Glen Cook.
Grave 1
George Osborn / Osborne

- Dec 29, 1881
"Grandpa Osborne" is all that appears on the grave. Info per records of Glen Cook. Several spellings of his name have been used in a variety of official documents.
Military Service: Confederate States of America
Pvt, Co A, 6th Regt, Ga Inf. Grave is
to be marked with military marker in
the future (2004).
Grave 2
Tuvinia McDaniel Osborne

"Grandma Osborne" is all that appears on the grave. Info per records of Glen Cook.
Grave 3
William "Red" Garland

"Red" Garland is all that appears on the grave. Identity per records of Glen Cook.
Grave 4
Eliza Ann Osborne Garland

"Ann O. Garland" is all that appears on grave. Identity per records of Glen Cook.
Grave 5
Eugene Garland, Jr.
Mar 6, 1895 - Dec 20, 1923

Grave 6
Clemmie Garland
Dec 29, 1890 - Apr 30, 1903

Grave 7
Jim Garland
Dec 24, 1904 - Jan 22, 1923

Grave 8
Infant s/o Elsie and Noel Garland
b. Feb 17, 1954

Grave 9
Jimmy Garland
Mar 18, 1940 - Dec 28, 1999
A Blessing to Our Family. Our Jim.
Grave 10
Noel Garland
Jan 19, 1910 - Jan 30, 2000
The Time Has Come to Part / But Love Lives on in My Heart - Elsie. Our Daddy, Our Da Da
Grave 11
Eugene Garland, Sr.
Aug 23, 1864 - Aug 8, 1935

Grave 12
Lena A. Garland
Feb 3, 1868 - May 7, 1965

Grave 13
Unmarked Graves

There are believed to be more graves in this area than indicated.
Grave 14
Elsie Mae Boyer Garland
Mar 22, 1914 - Dec 14, 2004
Age 90.
Grave 15