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Rives Family Cemetery

Rives Family Cemetery photo
Rives Family Cemetery photo
From the Hancock County Courthouse, go west on Hwy 22 for 0.2 mile. Turn right on Dixie Road. Go 1 mile. Turn left on Lakeshore Road (old Pumping Station Road) and proceed 7.8 miles to the "T" intersection with Warren's Chapel Road. (Note: this "T" intersection with Pumping Station/Lakeshore Road has Warren Chapel Road to the left and Harper Cemetery Road / Rives Rd. to the right). Turn right on old Harper Cemetery Road / Rives Rd. Go 0.7 mile. Turn right onto Rives Road (unmarked dirt road). Go 0.7 mile to the intersection of Rives Rd. and Fort Creek Rd. Continue on Rives Rd. which is the left road. Continue for another 0.8 mile. The cemetery is on your left, in a pasture, about 50 feet from the road.

GPS coordinates: 33 18' 25.6" N 83 07' 17.7" W
or in degrees only form: 33.30711° N X 83.12158° W
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GMD: 101
Cemetery Status: Active
Predominant race: White

Indexer or Contributor: Kathy Fuller and Susan Harrington

Number of persons found: 8
Sydney B. Rives, Jr.
Nov 29, 1917 - Sep 13, 1995
s/o Sydney Brown and Dora H. Rives.
Grave 1
Margaret Gallaher Rives
b. Aug 23, 1921
w/o Sydney B. Rives, Jr. No death date.
Grave 2
Robert S. Rives
Aug 3, 1872 - Jan 4, 1896
s/o George S. and Mary E. Rives. "Dearest brother thou hast left us, here. Thy loss we deeply feel, But 'tis God that hath / Bereft us. He can all / Our sorrows heal."
Grave 3
John C. Rives
May 27, 1870 - Feb 25, 1955
s/o George S. and Mary H. Rives.
Grave 4
Mary Harton Rives
May 14, 1843 - Jun 26, 1930
w/o George S. Rives.
Grave 5
George S. Rives, Sr.
Dec 31, 1819 - Dec 8, 1889
s/o George and Nancy Rives. "Although he sleeps / His memory doth live / And cheering comfort / To his mourners give."
Grave 6
Annie S. Rives
Apr 10, 1864 - Aug 24, 1866
"Sweet babe, they spirit now hath rest, Thy sufferings now o'er."
Grave 7
Unmarked Adult Grave

Surrounded by bricks.
Grave 8