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Nicholls / Glen Mary Plantation Cemetery

Nicholls / Glen Mary Plantation Cemetery photo
From the Hancock County Courthouse, go east for 2 blocks on Broad Street. Turn right on Boland, which becomes Linton Road. Go 7.3 miles to the plantation house on the right at 183 Linton Road. The cemetery is 250 feet behind the plantation house.

GPS coordinates: 33 10' 41.1" N 83 00' 09.1" W
or in degrees only form: 33.17808° N X 83.00253° W
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GMD: 118
Cemetery Status: Active
Predominant race: White

According to the Macon Telegraph, Mar. 30, 2003, page F-1, the house was built by Theophilus Jackson Smith in 1848 and was sold in 1869 to Ethan Allen Hitchcock, who soon after died, leaving it to his wife, Margaret Nicholls. The Nicholls family owned the plantation for 110 years. The house was put on the National Register of Historic Places in 1974.

Indexer or Contributor: Susan Smith

Number of persons found: 8
Isaac Smith Nicholls
1790 - 1871

Grave 1
Mary Ann Pitts Nicholls

w/o J. W. Nicholls.
Grave 2
Col. James William Nicholls
1828 - 1909

Grave 3
Mary Clementine Nicholls
Nov 11, 1897 - Jul 14, 1898

Grave 4
Annie Robinson Nicholls
1866 - 1898
Grave 5
William Pinkney Nicholls
1858 - 1942
Grave 6
Rowena Robinson Nicholls
1875 - 1911

Grave 7
Duke Hill (dog)
1985 - 1998
"Duker. Beloved golden lab of the Hill family. Born spring 1985 in the barn. Died in the manor house at Glen Mary Plantation, fall, 1998. He will always be our Duker Dog"
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Grave 8