Hancock County (Georgia) Cemeteries

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Kate Gilmore gravesite (lost) at William J. Archer's place

Not found. All information is based on Kimbrough's 1940 listing and West's 1942 directions list. Miss West's directions suggest it is either the White Cemetery or the Thomas Cemetery. Another alternative is that it may be Unnamed Cemetery 8 off Milton Reid Rd.

GMD: 118
Predominant race: White

Miss West describes 2 cemetery locations for this cemetery, which she describes as at William J. Archer's place (and as cemetery #101):
Indexer or Contributor: all info from Kimbrough and West

Number of persons found: 1
Kate D. Gilmore

- 1892
Age 18 years. Cemetery and grave not found in 2003. All info per Kimbrough list.
Grave 1