Sandersville Old City Cemetery

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Thomas William Hardwick

Dec 9, 1872 - Jan 31, 1944

Section B, Lot 47, Grave 5
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Inscription and Notes:

"A public servant of unimpeachable integrity and dauntless courage. In every relation of
life he was faithful to his trust."
Government Service.
Governor of Georgia, Member of U.S.
House of Representatives, U.S. Senator.
Thomas William Hardwick

Thomas William Hardwick

On the northern side of the cemetery, in the Memorial Area, is a plaque that reads as follows:

Thomas William Hardwick
December 9, 1872 - January 31, 1941
Interred in Old City Cemetery, Sandersville, GA

Governor of Georgia June 1921 - June 1923
Hardwick attempted prison reform, issuing an executive order
against the practice of flogging convicts. Hardwick had a program of economy
and simplification of state government, as well as the reorganization of state
supported higher educational institutions into a system controlled by a Board
of Regents. Governor Hardwick courageously denounced the then powerful
Ku Klux Klan, branding it a lawless organization for which there could be no
excuse in a civilized state.

Prosecuting attorney for Washington County 1895-1897
Georgia House of Representatives (Washington County) 1898-1902
United States House of Representatives (10th District) 1903-1914
Chair, Committee Coinage, Weights, Measures (62nd & 63rd Congresses)
United States Senate 1914-1918
Chair, Committee on Expenditures, Post Office Department (63rd & 64th Congresses)
Committee on Immigration (65th Congress)
Committee on Industrial Expositions (65th Congress)
Law offices in Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Ga and Sandersville, Ga.


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