Memory Hill Cemetery

Walking Tour

Intro to Memory Hill Cemetery Self-Guided Walking Tour

This self-guided walking tour begins at the gazebo at the front of the cemetery and follows numbered signs that correspond to the numbers in the brochure. There are 47 points of interest. The walking tour is estimated to take 1-2 hours. The tour can be followed by using a mobile device in the cemetery, or by printing and following a paper copy of the tour.

Mobile Device Walking Tour

The mobile device walking tour is found at Your location on the map is indicated by a blue dot. The next person on the tour or your searched-for grave is indicated with a red balloon icon. Pan in or out to see both your position and the red balloon icon. As you walk toward a grave, the blue dot should move closer to the next person on the tour or to your searched-for grave. See the Help screen in the tour for more information.

Downloadable PDF Walking Tour

The links below are to PDF files containing a brochure of the walking tour. You may download and print or view the brochure. The PDF file is over 1 MB, and so please be patient as it downloads.

Also please remember that this brochure is copyrighted, and any reference or use of the materials must be credited to the Friends of Baldwin County Cemeteries, Inc.

The brochure comes in two versions for your convenience in printing and viewing. The content of the two versions is identical.

(1) This version of the brochure prints in seven 8-1/2 by 11" portrait-style pages for ease of printing on standard printers:

8-1/2 by 11" Walking Tour Brochure (downloaded 7502 times)

(2) This version of the brochure prints in four 8-1/2 by 14" landscape-style pages for printing in booklet form (to be printed front and back and folded in half):

8-1/2 by 14" Walking Tour Brochure in booklet style (downloaded 3776 times)

To obtain the free Adobe PDF reader to be able to read and/or print the brochure above, click here:

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