Memory Hill Cemetery

Preservation of the Taylor Fence

Taylor Fence

The Taylor Family fence in Memory Hill cemetery has suffered damage and has looked bad for a number of years. It was hit by a tree. Its coping was uprooted by a tree root, causing the fence to be dislodged and damaged. In October 2011, thieves attempted to steal parts of the fence. The Friends hired blacksmith George DuPree to repair the badly damaged parts of the fence, which were 3 panels out of its 8, and to replace the missing fence medallions. In February-May, 2012 the Friends scraped and painted the remaining 5 panels, and the coping was reset. George returned and reset his now-repaired part of the fence in June. This entire fence has been given a new life! And, it looks terrific!

Damaged Taylor Fence

Part of fence hit by a tree

Fence after theft attempt

Fence piece recovered from attempted theft

Disrupted coping

Coping and fence uprooted by tree root

Removing fence

Hugh Harrington, Sue DuPree, and blacksmith George DuPree remove one of the panels for repair

Coping repair

The coping was reset on Feb 25, 2012

Friends painting the fence

Friends of Baldwin County Cemeteries members Anne Collier, Brenda Briley and Sara Brantley painting the fence on May 25, 2012. Also helping were Kathe Fuller and Sue Harrington. The fence was scraped, washed, rust converted, primed in white primer, and then painted black.

After repair

After repair: the fence is straightened, missing medallions and finials have been replaced on the front half, and the entire fence has been de-rusted and painted!