Samuel G. White, MDca. 1825May 16, 1877East side, Section J, Lot 32, Person 3
Inscription and Notes:
m. Kate Davidson White, per
First name per name of lot owner and Bonner.
Death date and age per BCC.

Latitude: 33.07450271, Longitude: -83.2279826
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Military Service: Confederate States of America
Military Service: Mexican War
Cobb's Legion Surgeon.
Samuel G. White

Dr. Samuel G. White

Dr. Samuel G. White was the 4th son of Dr. Benjamin A. White, a native of Milledgeville. His education was obtained at Oglethorpe University, The University of Pennsylvania, and a university in France. He served as a surgeon in the CSA and, during the war, was in charge of a hospital at Richmond, VA.

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