Memory Hill Cemetery

Box Grave Repair

Orrin H. Shaw box grave

Orrin H. Shaw, who died Nov. 9, 1826, and his son, Orrin Hill Shaw, who died Aug. 21, 1841, are buried beneath this box grave. This grave was seriously damaged as vandals moved the ledger (slab on top) disrupting the sides. Then the structure suffered further serious damage after being hit by a mower in September 2013.

The structure's sides appear to be made of lime rock and carved, with much of the carving worn away with time. This structure is the only one of its kind in the cemetery.

The Friends undertook this repair, and the repair is shown below.

Orrin Hill Shaw damaged box grave

Box grave with ledger (top slab) and walls out of alignment after being hit by mower

Interior of box grave
Parts of the box grave after dismantling

Slab removed. Interior had at one time been filled with mortar and loose bricks

Lime rock walls, brick interior, and ledger (slab) shown after box grave dismantled

Box grave as it is being repaired
box grave fully mortared

Box grave partially repaired as the interior bricks become mortared and sides are mortared into place

All mortaring complete. Mortar leveled with top to more fully support the ledger (slab)

Completely repaired box grave