Memory Hill Cemetery

Odd Fellows Fence Repair

Odd Fellow Fence

The Friends, with a $3,800 matching grant from Watson-Brown Foundation Junior Board, repaired the broken and rusting Independent Order of Odd Fellows (I.O.O.F.) fence. The fence was installed sometime between 1843 when the Milledgeville I.O.O.F. lodge started and 1874 when a burial occurred in the lot. The I.O.O.F. fence sits upon metal blocks separated by a brick coping under the fence.  The fence had lost several finials, was rusting, and was unstable due to loose fence posts.  The brick coping under the fence was also crumbling. The repair was completed in Nov. 2013.

Loose post on I.O.O.F. fence

Before repair. Note loose post, upside down floral ring, missing finial, and missing bricks
Boughton fence with corrosion

Broken rail, loose bricks, bottom rail sitting on bricks
Watson-Brown Junior Board check presentation

Presentation of check on July 24, 2013
George DuPree installing finial

George DuPree installing a new finial
Tim Hall laying bricks

Tim Hall re-setting the bricks under the Odd Fellows fence Sept 11, 2013
Completed Odd Fellows Fence

The completed Independent Order of Odd Fellows fence, Nov. 2013