Memory Hill Cemetery

Mortaring / Masonry

Brick Grave Repair

Repairing loose brick requires different kinds of mortar for different ages and hardness of bricks. The repairs below were made with high-lime mortars, consistent with the age of the bricks.

Maria McDonald

Maria McDonald died Nov 8, 1866, age 68. Note the loose bricks at the top and the damage done by weed whackers at the bottom of the vault. The repair blends beautifully with the vault.

Adams child slab
Adams child slab after

Adams child slab before and after repair (pictures taken from opposite sides)

Geddes slab

Repair of the Geddes open grave.

Unknown on south side of Memory Hill

An unknown and unmarked brick slab on the south side of Memory Hill Cemetery shown in various stages of preservation.

Previous masonry resulted in mortar splashed on the surface of numerous bricks, which was removed as much as possible. The original bricks were used for the repair.