Memory Hill Cemetery

Fish Vault

Restoration of the William Fish Vault

In 2008, the Friends of Cemeteries, with financial support from the Fish descendants and the Watson-Brown Junior Board, restored the damaged Fish Vault in Memory Hill Cemetery. This vault is a Savannah style partially above - partially subterranean vault.

The success of this project was also achieved through the support and efforts of Williams Funeral Home and Crematory, archaeologist Stephen Hammack, and anthropologist, Dr. Matthew Williamson.

Before and After
Fish Vault before and after restoration.
Fish Vault door
After exterior bricks were removed, the marble Wm Fish Family Vault door was discovered still on its hinges
Fisk burial case
Inside was discovered Sarah Harvard Fish in her Fisk Burial Case, along with several other Fish family members.
Inside of Fish Vault
After all remains were removed, the structure of the Fish Vault could be seen. Sorry! There was no rocking chair or evidence of the legend of Mr. Fish.
Sifting through charcoal
Archaeologist Stephen Hammack and anthropologist Dr. Matthew Williamson examine charcoal found inside one of the caskets
Vault from outside
Fish Vault with front end open for repair. Note the arched roof.
Roof repair
A stepped brick approach was used to return the arched roof to its original gable-style roof.
Dedication program
On Nov. 8, 2008, Sue Harrington (chair of the Friends), the Fish family and the Friends of Baldwin County Cemeteries celebrate the finished vault. For a PDF version of the program, click HERE.