West - Neal Cemetery
Location: From the Baldwin County Courthouse, go west on Hancock St., which becomes Highway 49, and follow Highway 49 south for approximately 10 miles from the Courthouse. Turn left from Hwy 49 onto County Line Church Road. Go approximately 1/2 mile (until you get to the double tower power lines on the left side of the road). Face the power line right-of-way when standing at the point where County Line Church Road and the left side of the power line right-of-way meet. The cemetery is 0.1 mile north (which is diagonal across the field to your left). The cemetery cannot be seen from the highway. The cemetery is currently in a woods behind a field. Another option is to walk up the left side of the power line right-of-way for 500 feet (to a slight path) and turn left. Then go 200 feet through the woods to the cemetery. The cemetery should be about 20 feet on your right as you walk through the woods.

GPS coordinates: 32 59' 55.5" N 83 21' 22.1" W
or in degrees only form: 32.99875 N X 83.35614 W
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GMD: 322
Cemetery Status: Inactive
Predominant race: White
List of Graves
Pers. No.NameBirthDeathInscription and NotesService
1 Dr. Austin Neal  Feb 5, 1822Apr 5, 1878   
2 Ann West Neal  May 3, 1837Apr 29, 1917w/o Dr. A.N. Neal

3 S. B. Fuller      Confederate States of America
Pvt. Co. F, 55th Ga. Inf. On detached
service at Andersonville, GA with Co B
55th Ga. in 1864, per RCSG.
4 Leah West Lord  Oct 16, 1832May 25, 1905   
5John West Ivey Oct 19, 1824Jun 12, 1878   
6 John Stanley Ivey  Oct 8, 1868May 30, 1870   
7 Matilda Ann Ivey  Mar 4, 1855Aug 7, 1856   
8 Dempsey Justice  ca. 1766Feb 1, 1827in the 61st year of his age.

American Revolution
per DAR records.

9 Milley Justice   Nov 9, 1828w/o Dempsey Justice

10 Stephen Justice  ca. 1805Nov 16, 1828in the 23rd year of his age

11 Sarah Moore  Apr 15, 1828Jun 2, 1900"She hath done what she could."

12Harriet A.S. Miller Jan 27, 1850Apr 5, 1850   
13Ardeoro F. Shaw Feb 22, 1852Apr 30, 1877   
14Tom H. Foshee Nov 22, 1903Jan 1, 1912   
15Sally Martin May 16, 1867Jun 7, 1938   
16Billy Foshee   no dates  
17 K. S. Foshee  Nov 22, 1862Apr 27, 1921   
18Betty Foshee Fuller   no dates  
19 Bessy Foshee Folendore    no dates  
20    Unmarked adult slab.
3 adult slabs
21    Unmarked infant slab.
4 infant slabs at head of Dr. Neal's grave
22    Unmarked grave.
several depressions and rocks that may be grave markers