Matilda Chapel Methodist Church
Description: built September, 1877
Location: From the Baldwin County Courthouse, go east on Hancock St. one block. Turn right (south) on Wayne St., which becomes Business 441S. Follow Business 441S for approximately 4 miles to the intersection of Hwys 441 and 243. At this intersection, 441S goes left and highway 243 (the Gordon Highway) goes straight. Go straight and follow 243 south. Go 5.1 miles on the Gordon Highway to J.F. Hall Road. Turn right. Go 0.2 of a mile and take the dirt road through the woods to the left. If you cannot find the dirt road and reach the railroad tracks, backtrack 0.2 mile to the dirt road. Once on the dirt road, the cemetery is less than 0.1 mile and on the right. The iron fences of the cemetery are partially visible from J.F. Hall Road.

GPS coordinates: 32 57' 59.3" N 83 17' 35.9" W
or in degrees only form: 32.96647 N X 83.29331 W
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GMD: 322
Cemetery Status: Active
Predominant race: White
This church was built by Henry Stevens and his wife and was named after Henry Stevens' mother, as per the church Bible in the possession of Mrs. John Grant, Jr.
List of Graves
Pers. No.NameBirthDeathInscription and NotesService
1James Milton Stevenson 18591929   
2Annie Elizabeth Hearn Stevenson 18741913   
3Sally Stevenson   infant d/o James and Annie H. Stevenson

4Ruby Stevenson   infant d/o James and Annie H. Stevenson

5Lucile Stevenson   infant d/o James and Annie H. Stevenson

6James M. Stevenson, Jr.   infant s/o James and Annie H. Stevenson

7Hearn Stevenson   infant s/o James M. and Annie Stevenson

8Thomas J. Hearn     Confederate States of America
Co. K. 4th Ala. Inf.

9Sarah Matilda B. Hearn 18471939   
10Frances Hearn   infant d/o Thomas J. and Sarah M. Hearn

11Minnie Hearn   infant d/o Thomas J. and Sarah M. Hearn

12Walter Hearn   infant s/o Thomas J. and Sarah M. Hearn

13Carrie Tollison Hall Feb 10, 1882May 12, 1970   
14William Dosh Tollison Apr 22, 1886Sep 5, 1951   
15Mattie Avery Tollison Jun 11, 1888Nov 27, 1975   
16Abraham Blair Echols Sep 16, 1866Nov 29, 1943   
17Mattie Fite Echols Feb 5, 1874Aug 8, 1960   
18Frank Fite Echols Dec 21, 1895Oct 21, 1921Pillow has d. year as 1922. Headstone and slab have d. year as 1921. Correct is 1921. World War I
Ga. 2nd Lieut, 64 Inf., 7 Div.

19Eva Weaver      
20Baby Weaver      
21Anne Winter(s)      
22Dolly B. Winters May 22, 1886Jul 13, 1913One indexer believes d. date is Jul 11, 1917  
23Will(iam) Winters Jan 21, 1877Mar 31, 1930   
24Katie W. Batson Apr 8, 1901Jul 4, 1917   
25George Thomas Hall Feb 14, 1874May 25, 1941  Military Service:
Pvt. 2 Ga. Inf.

26    Unmarked grave.
27Mrs. Emma E. Hall 18811946Dates are tentative.  
28    Unmarked grave.
At least 7 unmarked graves.
29Mrs. Woodward  May 11, 1926One date only. Per TT. Not found in 1991.  
30Francis M. Bone Dec 10, 1832Nov 20, 1911   
31Martha Stevens Bone Jan 26, 1842Sep 18, 1925   
32 John Henry Stevens  Apr 5, 1851Jan 25, 1927On same gravestone as Julia Antoinette Stevens. 
33Julia Antoinette Stevens Oct 18, 1851Jan 24, 1919On same gravestone as John Henry Stevens.  
34 Julia Pearl Stevens  Oct 29, 1889Jun 8, 1904d/o J.H. and Julia Stevens.

35Henry Augustus Stevens ca. Aug 1878Dec 24, 1878Aged 4 months. s/o J.H. and Julia Stevens

36John Henry Stevens May 7, 1882May 14, 1884s/o J.H. and J.A. Stevens
Marked as d. 1883 on grave.
37Maggie Mell Stevens May 27, 1884Mar 31, 1888d/o J.H. and Julia A. Stevens

38 Carrie M. Stevens  Jun 16, 1823Jun 10, 1883   
39Henry Stevens Jul 21, 1813Jan 16, 1883   
40Matilda Stevens ca. Aug 28, 1823Sep 3, 1862Aged 39 years, 7 days. w/o Henry Stevens

41Walter Brewer Jun 5, 1880Aug 2, 1880s/o D. and A.E. Brewer

42Frances Brewer Dec 25, 1875Mar 27, 1879   
43Annie Eliza Finney Sep 30, 1887Oct 2, 1888   
44C.(or G.) B. Finney Sep 8, 1861Jun 22, 1891   
45 Fanny Matilda Stevens Glenn  Apr 5, 1852Apr 14, 1887d/o Henry and Matilda Stevens

46Willard Brewer Nov 12, 1886May 16, 1908s/o D. and A.E. Brewer

47Ernest L. Hall Jun 27, 1891Sep 26, 1902s/o L.M. and E.L. Hall

48L. M. Hall Mar 4, 1855Dec 8, 1934   
49Robert Eugene Hall May 10, 1859Mar 9, 1935  World War II
Ga. S. Sgt. Army Air Forces

50Claude Adolphus Davis Sep 6, 1898Dec 27, 1905s/o A.J. and K. Davis

51    Unmarked grave.
Sunken grave next to Claude Adolphus Davis
52W. S. Parker Jul 10, 1879Jan 23, 1923per TT. Not found in 1991 indexing.  
53Mrs. Lizzie Winters   per TT. Not found in 1991 indexing.  
54Mrs. Willie Winters   per TT. Not found in 1991 indexing.  
55Richard O. Reynolds Feb 16, 1936Apr 16, 1951   
56Bobby Lee Reynolds Jan 14, 1905Sep 8, 1940   
57Treccie Turner Reynolds Jul 11, 1876Nov 28, 1940w/o John Reynolds

58Hattie Pearl Reynolds May 31, 1897Aug 26, 1973   
59William Green Reynolds Jun 22, 1884Oct 6, 1964   
60John E. Reynolds May 25, 1861Feb 11, 1948   
61Frank Reynolds Jul 7, 1918Dec 6, 1957  World War II
Ga. S. Sgt. S.V.C. Co. 41 Armed Inf. BSM

62Henry Winters May 10, 1886Jul 31, 1950   
63Thomas Lamar Hood Jan 20, 1963Jan 26, 1963   
64Dan Tollison      
65Annie Laura S. Morgan 1901 and Margaret

No death date.
66Fannie H. Minter Feb 6, 1908Jan 31, 1985   
67Floyd "Pent" P. Minter Jun 30, 1901Jan 20, 1964   
68John Henery Tollison Aug 5, 1912Jan 26, 1985   
69Walter Bell Taylor May 31, 1904Feb 3, 1973   
70Lucinda Jones Taylor Mar 29, 1895May 16, 1975   
71Bernard Eugene Taylor Feb 10, 1888Jul 21, 1973   
72William D. Tollison Jul 17, 1918Sep 14, 1993"Papa"

73Lula F. Tollison Nov 10, 1917Jul 2, 1984"Mama Lula"

74    Unmarked adult slabs.
2 graves
75Annie Arnold Parker Jul 20, 1874Feb 9, 1953   
76    Unmarked adult graves.
3 graves