County Line Primitive Baptist Church--back cemetery.
Description: Also called Mt. Cavalry Church or Neriah Church on various maps.
Location: From the Baldwin County Courthouse, go west on Hancock Street for 2 blocks or 0.2 mile (or the one large block containing Georgia College & State Univ.). Turn right on Clarke Street. Go one large block or 0.2 mile. Turn left onto Highway No. 22 west (Montgomery St.). Go 2.4 miles. Turn right on Highway 212 west. Go 9.0 miles. Turn right on Neriah Rd to the church. Go 0.2 mile to the church. The cemetery is beside the church.

GPS coordinates: 33 10' 15.4" N 83 22' 57.2" W
or in degrees only form: 33.17094 N X 83.38256 W
See location on a Google map in a new window (NOTE:The map opens in a new window. The cemetery will be at the location indicated by a red marker.)

GMD: 318
Cemetery Status: Active
Predominant race: Black
The cemetery was surveyed starting at its corner nearest to the front of the church and proceeded from that corner in a row to the back of the cemetery. The surveying continued in rows going from back to front and front to back, with the last row ending at the back corner of the church.

The cemetery was surveyed Aug 12, 2005.

List of Graves
Pers. No.NameBirthDeathInscription and NotesService
1    Unmarked adult graves.
2 graves, one with a funeral home tag
2Lenox Wright Mar 6, 1926Jul 27, 1950  World War II
Ga Pvt 4457 QM Serv Co.

3    Unmarked graves.
11 graves - either depressions or marked with fieldstones.
4    Unmarked adult slabs.
2 graves
5    Unmarked grave.
6Peter Clemons   Unreadable -- last name has only first
letter and last 2 letters remaining. Last
name deduced from next grave.
7Lizzie Clemon 1875Dec 14, 1912w/o Peter Clemon. Gone home.

Peter Clemons has 's' on the spelling of his last name, but there is no 's' on this grave
8    Unmarked infant slab.
9Mrs. Rose Wright  Dec 15, 1939   
10    Unmarked graves.
2 graves.
11    Unmarked graves.
19 depressions or sets of fieldstones.
12    Unmarked graves.
2 graves toward church end of row. (3rd row from left)
13Gen I. Milner Feb 15, 1864Dec 23, 1923At rest

14    Unmarked graves.
3 graves
15Mattie Harris Feb 5, 1869Dec 3, 1917   
16    Unmarked graves.
25 graves in two rows.
17Henry Pounds  Aug 1917age 24 years

18    Unmarked graves.
12 graves toward rear of cemetery
19Sarah Waller 1852Mar 17, 1900At rest

20    Unmarked graves.
11 graves behind set of marked graves.

One of the graves is Cleveland Millions, Sr. (see grave 64).
21Minnie W. Pruett Dec 2, 1901Mar 4, 1964Metal tag on concrete slab

22Robert Parham Jan 28, 1905Jul 2, 1976   
23David Parham Dec 1911May 1969   
24Luke Millions Jan 25, 1925Jan 28, 1976   
25Pinkie B. Wright Mar 4, 1894Mar 8, 1983   
26A. B. U. Bakarr Sep 30, 1986Sep 30, 1986   
27Willie Wright May 5, 1920Jan 9, 1986  World War II
Cpl U.S. Army

28Carolyn Wright Nov 6, 1956Aug 19, 1980   
29Lizzie Wright Sep 10, 1884Mar 7, 1970   
30Charlie W. Coates Jul 4, 1896Apr 30, 1969  World War II
Georgia Pvt Co D, 2 Dev Bn QMC

31James A. Abrams  Jun 4,  Metal tag on cement slab, tag damaged.

32    Unmarked graves.
12 graves to the bottom of the cemetery
33    Unmarked graves.
12 graves at rear of cemetery
34John Harris Dec 1834Nov 3, 1906   
35    Unmarked grave.
36Jenet Milner May 15, 1863Feb 24, 1911   
37    Unmarked graves.
22 graves
38Veotis Williams Jan 6, 1934Nov 28, 1970   
39Willie M. N. Bryson Apr 1, 1923Dec 29, 1990shares headstone with Emanuel Bryson, Sr.

40Emanuel Bryson, Sr. Aug 15, 1895May 1, 1972  World War I
Georgia Pvt 1 Co, 303 Stev Regt

41 John Napier  Oct 14, 1926Oct 9, 1991   
42 William Ward  Dec 25, 1888Sep 19, 1958Shares a headstone with Annie Manson Ward

43Annie Manson Ward Aug 7, 1888Apr 24, 1971Shares headstone with William Ward

44    Unmarked graves.
2 graves
45    Unmarked adult slab.
46    Unmarked graves.
11 graves toward the back of the cemetery
47    Unmarked graves.
5 graves
48Mrs. Etta Dennis Feb 3, 1910Apr 30, 1968   
49    Unmarked graves.
2 graves and 1 slab toward front of cemetery
51    Unmarked graves.
7 graves
52Watt ? Manson   Unmarked slab.
Name scratched on cement slab. Last
name somewhat assumed from next grave
53Charlie Manson Jun 4, 1897Nov 7, 1960  World War I
Georgia Pvt U.S. Army

54    Unmarked graves.
8 graves toward back of cemetery
55    Unmarked graves.
12 graves toward back of cemetery
56    Unmarked slab.
57    Unmarked graves.
9 graves toward middle of cemetery
58Clarence Clements, Sr. Oct 16, 1906Dec 21, 1966Devoted Father

59Harlie Clements Aug 8, 1910Jan 7, 1963Scratched on slab

60L. C. Key Jul 8, 1934Apr 2, 1964Scratched on slab

61    Unmarked graves.
6 graves and 1 slab on right up toward church
62John S. Wright Dec 20, 1910Aug 7, 1977  World War II
PFC U.S. Army

63    Unmarked grave.
64Cleveland Millions, Sr.  Apr 6, 1950Is buried among the 11 graves shown as
grave 20 in this listing.
Handwritten slab down in dirt.