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Samuel Boykin Family Burial Ground

Samuel Boykin Family Burial Ground photo
Samuel Boykin Family Burial Ground photo
From the Baldwin County Courthouse, go east on Hancock St. and follow Highways 22/24 southeast for 4.4 miles. At the split of Highways 22 and 24, bear right on Highway 24. Go about 7.6 miles on Highway 24 to the old Torrance homeplace on your right (approx 901 Hwy 24 East). If not blocked by a locked gate, go down the driveway to your right and go for about 1/2 mile or 2600 feet. The drive goes past a grove of pecan trees and the old home place. The cemetery is located to your right and beside a field road that turns off to the right. The cemetery is surrounded by a wrought iron fence.

If access is not available through the old Torrance home place above, an alternate is to go down the previous driveway at the Meeks property. Go 0.4 mile on the gravel-covered driveway into the Meeks property to a gate on the left. Turn left through the gate and go 0.1 mile on a field road to an opening in the fence. The small cemetery is in the field to your front left about 200 feet from the fence opening. It is enclosed in a wrought iron fence under a chinaberry tree.

GPS coordinates: 32 59' 29.5" N 83 05' 09.9" W
or in degrees only form: 32.99153° N X 83.08608° W
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GMD: 115
Cemetery Status: Inactive
Predominant race: White
On Baldwin County tax map #098-004

Pictures above are views before and after the cemetery was cleaned by the Friends of Baldwin County Cemeteries and Georgia College & State University's History Club on Feb 26, 2005.

Francis B. Boyakin Boykin

Some letters of gravestone missing, but some of the impressions remain readable. [m. Catherine Whitaker, f/o Dr. Samuel Boykin] per L. Horne
Military Service: American Revolution
Maj., S.C. Mil. (C and I are missing)
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Grave 1