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Torrance Family Burial Ground

Torrance Family Burial Ground photo
From the Baldwin County Courthouse, go west on Hancock St. which becomes Highway 49 and follow Highway 49 south for approximately 9.7 miles from the Courthouse. Turn left onto County Line Church Rd. Travel approximately one and one half miles. Turn left into the driveway at 254 County Line Church Road. The cemetery is 0.3 mile straight back on this driveway. Where the driveway is no longer driveable, walk the rest of the way -- the drive dead ends at the cemetery.

GPS coordinates: 32 59' 25.3" N 83 20' 34.5" W
or in degrees only form: 32.99036° N X 83.34292° W
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GMD: 322
Cemetery Status: Inactive
Predominant race: White
The cemetery is fenced and is quite large, covering an acre or more of property.
William L. Torrance
Nov 5, 1870 - Jul 6, 1884

Grave 1
Cordelia C. Torrance
Sep 17, 1831 - Feb 6, 1912

Grave 2
Mary M. Torrance
Jan 1, 1828 - Mar 13, 1903

Grave 3
Andrew N. Torrance

- Dec 9, 1852
Aged 27 years.
Grave 4
Emilius Torrance

- Oct 6, 1856
Age 66 years.
Grave 5
Mary Curry Torrance

- Jun 10, 1859
Aged 66 years. Maiden name per Guy Harrington, Macon, Ga.
Grave 6
Julia A. Luckie Torrance
May 17, 1843 - Oct 26, 1898
Mother Name of "Luckie" per Guy Harrington of Macon
Grave 7
William Hamilton Torrance

- Feb 3, 1891
Age 60 yrs. Father. Middle name per Guy Harrington, Macon, Ga. [d. Baldwin Co. per RCSG]
Military Service: Confederate States of America
Co. H. 4th Ga. Inf. [Pvt on Apr 26,1861.
Relieved from Duty by Conscript Act-over
age Jul 26, 1862, per RCSG]
Grave 8
Unmarked Graves

many graves
Grave 9