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Martin Family Cemetery

Martin Family Cemetery photo
From the Baldwin County Courthouse, go west on Hancock St. which becomes Highway 49 and follow Highway 49 south for 3.3 miles from the Courthouse. Turn right on Horace Veal Rd. Go 1/4 mile. Turn left on Hopewell Church Rd. Go 0.7 mile to a driveway/woods road on right at an old house. The cemetery is 0.5 mile from this point through the woods and is on one of the ridges in this area. A guide and/or a GPS receiver will be needed.

GPS coordinates: 33 03' 14.3" N 83 17' 51.9" W
or in degrees only form: 33.05397° N X 83.29775° W
See location on a Google map in a new window (NOTE:The map opens in a new window. The cemetery will be at the location indicated by a red marker.)

GMD: 321
Cemetery Status: Inactive
Predominant race: White

George W. Martin
Apr 21, 1829 - Jun 16, 1829
Grave 1
Mary Martin
Sep 26, 1825 - Jun 21, 1827
Grave 2
Lucinda Martin
May 3, 1823 - Oct 26, 1824

Grave 3
Salatha Dismere Martin
Oct 19, 1797 - Oct 28, 1838
Grave 4