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Killings Family Cemetery

Killings Family Cemetery photo
From the Baldwin County Courthouse, go east on Hancock St. one block. Turn right (south) on Wayne St., which becomes Business 441 South. Follow Business 441S for 1.8 miles. Turn right on Allen Memorial Drive. Drive 0.6 mile to Harrisburg Rd. Turn left and go 0.4 mile on Harrisburg Rd. Turn left on Hall St. and go approximately 200 feet to its dead end. Cemetery is on the right at the top of the hill, approximately 150 feet from Hall St.

GPS coordinates: 33 02' 53.0" N 83 14' 21.7" W
or in degrees only form: 33.04806° N X 83.23936° W
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GMD: 321
Cemetery Status: Inactive
Predominant race: Black

Allen F. Killings
Aug 12, 1861 - Nov 17, 1939

Grave 1
Lizzie S. Killings
Dec 25, 1869 - Aug 6, 1902
wife of A. F. Killings. She was a kind and affectionate wife, a fond Mother, & a friend to all.
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Grave 2
Edward Killings Bone
Aug 28, 1847 - Nov 18, 1906
Grave 3
Harriet Killings

- Sep 5, 1917
Age 85 years-last digit of age questionable
Grave 4
Cela Killings

- Oct 1912
Age 17 yrs
Grave 5
Clifford Killings

- Jan 5, 1931
Age 39 yrs
Grave 6
Jonas Jarney

- 1913
Age 66 yrs. Last name difficult to read.
Grave 7
Unmarked Graves

One sunken grave and one unmarked adult slab
Grave 8