Baldwin County (Georgia) Cemeteries

Cemetery details

Unknown Cemetery #3 (destroyed) on Lingold Rd

From the Baldwin County Courthouse, go west on Hancock St. which becomes Highway 49 and follow Highway 49 south for 8.5 miles from the Courthouse. Turn right on Lingold Road and go for 0.1 mile. There is a path to the right. Take this path to the edge of the cliff. The graves have been pushed over this cliff.

GPS coordinates: 33 00' 54.9" N 83 20' 54.4" W
or in degrees only form: 33.01525° N X 83.34844° W
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GMD: 322
Cemetery Status: Inactive
This cemetery appears on county maps of the 1980s. In approximately 1999 this cemetery was destroyed. Bits of slabs and bricks can be seen over the cliff.