Baldwin County (Georgia) Cemeteries

Cemetery details

Unknown Cemetery #1 on Stembridge Rd.

From the Baldwin County Courthouse, go east on Hancock St. and follow Highways 22/24 southeast for 1.2 miles to Kings Road. Turn right on King's Road and go 2.5 miles to Stembridge Rd. Turn right (south) on Stembridge Rd. and go approximately 6 miles. The cemetery is behind the garden at approximately 841 Stembridge Rd. on the right.

GPS coordinates: 33 00' 51" N 83 06' 18" W
or in degrees only form: 33.01417° N X 83.105° W
See location on a Google map in a new window (NOTE:The map opens in a new window. The cemetery will be at the location indicated by a red marker.)

GMD: 115
Cemetery Status: Inactive
The cemetery is completely engulfed in briars and is inaccessible at the present time. Cemetery therefore was not visited. The GPS is approximate.
Unmarked Graves

Graves not accessed -- briars. One slab and some depressions, per Mr. Sterling Hall.
Grave 1