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Lattimore Family Burial Ground

Lattimore Family Burial Ground photo
Lattimore Family Burial Ground photo
From the Baldwin County Courthouse, go east on Hancock St. and follow Highway 22 (Sparta Hwy) east for 2 miles. Turn left on Lake Laurel Road. Go 1.1 mile on Lake Laurel Road. Stop at the gas tank plant (on right). On the left side of Lake Laurel Road, directly across the road from the gas tank plant, and near the pavement is a clearing which houses the 5 marked and some unmarked graves of the Lattimore Family Cemetery.

GPS coordinates: 33 06' 10.0" N 83 11' 17.1" W
or in degrees only form: 33.10278° N X 83.18808° W
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GMD: 105
Cemetery Status: Inactive
Predominant race: Black

Edler Wells

- Apr 10, 1940

Grave 1
Lelia Lattimore

- Apr 18, 1960

Grave 2
Willie L. Lattimore

- Apr 28, 1960

Grave 3
Minnie Kate L. Brooks

- 1957

Grave 4
Walter Lattimore

- Oct 20, 1938

Grave 5
Unmarked Adult Grave - George Ligens Liggins

- Mar 5, 1925
Age 68 years. All info per death certificate. Father was Tom Ligens born in northern Virginia. His name spelled Liggins; his father's name spelled Ligens.
Grave 6
Bessie Simmons

- Apr 15, 1953

Grave 7
Unmarked Graves

Many (50+) depressions are visible.
Grave 8