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Charles Hogan Family Cemetery

Charles Hogan Family Cemetery photo
From the intersection of Meriwether Rd and Hwy 212, go south for 0.5 mile. Turn left on a field road and go 0.6 mile. You will go across a field and go through the woods. A guide or a GPS is recommended. Permission is required for access.

GPS coordinates: 33 07' 05.4" N 83 16' 47.9" W
or in degrees only form: 33.11817° N X 83.27997° W
See location on a Google map in a new window (NOTE:The map opens in a new window. The cemetery will be at the location indicated by a red marker.)

GMD: 318
Cemetery Status: Inactive
This cemetery is in the area of the old Compwaller property.
Charles Hogan

- Apr 2, 1916
Age 65 years. First name spelled as "Chas" on gravestone.
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Grave 1
Unmarked Graves

One slightly raised vault next to Chas. Hogan and 15-20 graves marked with stones.
Grave 2