Baldwin County (Georgia) Cemeteries

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Unnamed graves on old Myrick property

Unnamed graves on old Myrick property photo
Go north on Hwy 212 and go over Potato Creek. Turn left on Stiles Cemetery Road. Go about half a mile and turn left through a gate marked Westover Plantation. Follow the drive for about 300 feet into the hunting camp, bearing right. The cemetery is at the edge of the clearing next to the hunting camp.

GPS coordinates: 33 09' 49.8" N 83 23' 44.8" W
or in degrees only form: 33.16383° N X 83.39578° W
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GMD: 318
Cemetery Status: Inactive
This area was purchased by the Myricks in 1863.
Unmarked Graves

At one time 6-12 graves were visible in this area. Due to recent human activity, only 2 graves are now identifiable as depressions.
Grave 1