Baldwin County (Georgia) Cemeteries

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St. Paul Old Cemetery

Sometimes called Reeves Cemetery.

From the Baldwin County Courthouse, go west on Hancock Street for 2 blocks or 0.2 mile (or the one large block containing Georgia College & State Univ.). Turn right on Clarke Street. Go one large block or 0.2 mile. Turn left onto Business Highway 441 North (Montgomery St.) and follow the signs for Business 441 N (turn right on North Columbia St.). Go for approximately 7-1/2 miles. Turn left on Meriwether and go 1.2 miles to Stewart Dr. Turn right on Stewart Dr. and go 0.6 mile to Pine Cone Rd. Turn right on Pine Cone Rd. and go 0.4 mile. Cemetery is located on the right side at 143 Pine Cone Rd, about 200 ft. off the road and behind address 141 Pine Cone Rd.

GPS coordinates: 33 10' 05.6" N 83 17' 54.4" W
or in degrees only form: 33.16822° N X 83.29844° W
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GMD: 318
Cemetery Status: Inactive
Predominant race: Black
Located on Baldwin County tax map 083F-033.

Death certificates reveal that this cemetery was once called St. Paul Cemetery.

Julia Reeves

- Sep 22, 1900
age 31 years. w/o Sidney Reeves. "She hath done what she could." Last digit of year missing.
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Grave 1
Nov 20, 1890 - Jan 21, 1908
Weep not, she is not dead, but sleepeth.
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Grave 2
Unmarked Graves

Many impressions of graves and rock markers - possibly 50 graves.
Grave 3
Hattie Cartwright Milner
Dec 12, 1879 - May 1919
"Member of Ward Chapel Society No. 6" Dau of Parks(?) & Lizzie Cartwright, Greene Co. Birth date, parents from death certificate.
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Grave 4
Unmarked Grave - Jack Beal, Sr.

- Oct 8, 1920
Info from death certificate.
Grave 5
Unmarked Grave - Charles Bishop

- Apr 1, 1920
Age 36. Info from death certificate.
Grave 6
Unmarked Grave - Lilla Pearson Trawick

- Feb 12, 1920
Age 32. Info from death certificate.
Grave 7
Unmarked Grave - Mason Robinson

- Jul 1919
Age 70. Info from death certificate.
Grave 8
Unmarked Grave - Annie Louise Thomas

- Feb 8, 1922
Age 17 days. Dau of Sol Griffin & Josephine Thomas. Info from death certificate.
Grave 9